1-st apartment

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Unit Number: 1001
Bedroom: 2
Total Area (m2): 86.2
Price: [No price]
Apartment Status: Sold
1Kitchen-dining room25.4271.8
In the apartment drafts the area divisions, room quantity and the functionality of some systems are done by the customers' will but are conditioned on the general architectural draft of the building. The electricity system assemblage is also predefined by the adopted architectural draft. The building is provided with gasification system. The heating and cooling ducts are installed without the facilities. The floor tiles of both the kitchens and the bathrooms are heated. Concerning the cosmetic surface of the walls we are planning to cover them by putty and paint. By the will of our customers cornice can also be used as cosmetic decoration. The parquet is made of beech tree. The metal plastic windows are soundproof and insulated. The bathroom floor is covered with tiles. The cosmetic decoration of the apartments is going to be done according to the individual choice of each of our customers. They can choose any material from the suggested optional options and color range. The engineering details of the technical aspect of our buildings are worked out by professional and authorized companies and are in compliance with the general architectural draft of Yerevan City.