Building on General Avenue (Buzand 7)
On 2007, October “Glendale Hills” CJSC gave to exploitation nine story residential building, on Main Avenue. The building has been constructed with high quality construction materials and is the combination of modern engineering and technical solutions. It is worth mentioning that the building is distinguished by its specific architectural style, which, in turn, provides the resident with the most necessary accommodations and relevant comfort. Besides being the most central residential building, only 70 m far from the Republic Square, it is also one of the safest and the most comfortable buildings in Yerevan. The ground and the second floors are designed for shopping and business centers. The residential part of the building occupies from the third to ninth stories. The building has a central entrance and four sub entrances. The total surface of the construction, including the garden, is about 3078 sq, from which the building occupies 2400 sq. Sales process is over.
Location of the building: The building is located on a Main Avenue and has a central location in Yerevan city (Buzand st., building 7). The building faces to Buzand Street from West, while from East it has a magnificent view of Mount Ararat. The building is near to the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the distance from the Republic Square is a 70 m.
Technical Details: The building is a cast concrete structure with skeleton construction. The columns placed on the sides of the building are connected with each other with monolith band iron. The mid covers between the floors are monolith and have multilayer isolation. For facing material of the building, Yerevan petrosilex has been used. The thickness of the exterior walls in the building is 500 mm, while the thickness of the partition walls is 200 mm. The building is provided with gas. For each apartment, an individual heating system is arranged. The building is armed with sophisticated fire alarm systems. The evacuation routes are made of fireproof materials.