Building 1 (Argishti 11/3), “Yerevanian Berd I”
Taking into account the modern tendencies in construction, we developed a project called “Yerevanian Berd” (Yerevan Castle). Inspired by the uniqueness of the territory and with the view of the Mount Ararat, our architectural-designers drafted a project in a castle like shape. The district is situated in the south- eastern part of Yerevan city, near to the gorge of Hrazdan. “Yerevanian Berd” district consists of two districts - “Yerevanian Berd I” and “Yerevanian Berd II”, having 22 buildings in total, from which in the first district 10 buildings are arranged while in the second 12. On 2008, March building 1 in the district “Yerevanian Berd I” was given to exploitation. The 14 story building is equipped with two entrances and up to 16 apartments on each floor. The residential floors include 203 apartments. Sales process is over.
Location of the building: The building is near to “Ararat” wine-vodka-brandy factory. The distance from the Republic Square is about 1.5 km. “Yerevanian Berd” district is far from the city noise and will always be provided with the streams of fresh air coming from the gorge Hrazdan.
Technical Details: The building is a cast concrete structure with skeleton construction. The columns placed on the sides of the building are connected with each other with monolith band iron. The mid covers between the floors are monolith and have multilayer isolation. For the facing material of the building, petrosilex will be used. Cement coverage of the balconies is in coherence with the building's surface. The thickness of the exterior walls in the building is 500 mm, while the thickness of the partition walls is 200 mm. The building is provided with gas. For each apartment, individual heating system will be arranged. The building is armed with sophisticated fire alarm systems. The evacuation routes are made of fireproof materials. From the second floor apartments have open balconies.