Block 6, “Yerevanian Berd I”
Block 6 in the district “Yerevanian Berd I” will be given to exploitation on 2010 March. Block 6 has 423 sq total surface. It is a 14 story building having up to 5 apartments on each floor. Living area of the apartments starts from 36.2 sq up to 117.7 sq (from 1 to 4 rooms). Apartments have at least one open balcony. Block 6 has one entrance and is equipped with two elevators. In the underground two levels parking spaces (garages) are arranged, while the ground floor is designed for shopping and business services. Apartments and commercial areas are given for exploitation with ready interior. Each customer can choose from high quality decoration materials offered by our company. Block from 3 to 6 are not separated from each other which in its turn gives the district castle like shape. Sales process of block 6 is over.
Location of the building: Block 6 is located on West of the district. Total area of the district “Yerevanian Berd I” is 24228 sq, from which block 6 occupies 423 sq. Constructing area is 9064 sq. On South and North sides of block 6 green areas are arranged.
Technical Details: The building is a cast concrete structure with skeleton construction. The columns placed on the sides of the building are connected with each other with monolith band iron. The mid covers between the floors are monolith and have multilayer isolation. For the facing material of the building, petrosilex will be used. Cement coverage of the balconies is in coherence with the building's surface. The thickness of the exterior walls in the building is 500 mm, while the thickness of the partition walls is 200 mm. The building is provided with gas. For each apartment, individual heating system will be arranged. The building is armed with sophisticated fire alarm systems. The evacuation routes are made of fireproof materials. From the second floor apartments have open balconies.