Construction in Gyumri
“Glendale Hills” CJSC became a winner in the first round of a competition for construction companies announced by the Government of RA within a framework of a disaster area restoration project. According to the results of the competition our company will carry out construction of Ani and Mush-2 districts in Gyumri. On October 28, 2008 the official ceremony of the launch of the construction of apartment buildings took place. A delegation of high ranking officials headed by the President of Republic of Armenia was present at the ceremony. Within frameworks of the project on providing homes to families who were left without shelter as a result of the 1988 earthquake, “Glendale Hills” will build about 59 apartment buildings and social facilities. Out of 3030 apartments, 218 apartments will be built in Ani district while 2812 will be built in Mush-2 district. The investment in this project is 39,300,000,000 AMD. In Mush-2 district 1056 apartments will be built till the end of 2009, while the rest 1974 apartments in Ani and Mush-2 districts will be built till 2012.
Location of the building: Apartments are being built in Ani and Mush-2 districts in Gyumri.
Technical Details: Cast-in-block 4 storied buildings, having frame structure and 9 points seismicity, monolith flooring and multi-layer insulation. Evacuation exits are made from fire proof materials.