Welcome to “Glendale Hills”

The “Glendale Hills” CJSC is a diversified construction company with a reliable partnership philosophy suitable as a core holding for a long term partnership. Structured as one of the biggest construction companies in Armenia our objectives are involvement and preservation of the customer capital as real estate.

About Company

“Glendale Hills” CJSC was founded in 2004. The main aspect of our business is the construction and development. Aiming to realize construction and development works we also pay huge attention to the quality of our buildings and the ecological safety of our environment. The majority of Yere... more>>

"Glendale Hills" and "AG Development" offer their
customers the following tearms of payment.
            1. Payment by schedule
                30% from the cost of the apartment is paid on the contract concluding day, the remaining 70% is covered
till the end of the construction on scheduled days agreed with the client (the interval between the payments
is from one to six months).

            2. Paying 1% from the cost of the apartment till the end of the construction
                1% from the cost of the apartment is paid on contract concluding day and till the end of the construction the
                customer keeps on paying 1%. There is 0% interest for the payments till the end of the
                After the
construction deadline during 15 days the customer is to pay the remaining balance or the remaining
balance is covered from 7 to 20 years with 14% interest for each year.

                We give opportunity to our customers to buy hid/her preferred apartment with profitable and convenient
                tearms suggested by us.